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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rough River 2016

Best RR ever!

This is my sixth consecutive year attending CSA’s Rough River fly-in, I am a proud repeat offender. As a canard builder it is more of a pilgrimage than just a fly-in. 

In RR you feel like these people “get you”, and for a couple of days you are no longer the weirdo building a backward looking airplane in a space that should have housed a car, but a forward looking superhero able to create awesomeness from nothingness.

This year, Wade and I joined the ranks of those who flew there, and while we did not do it with our own build yet, touching down in Rough River was like a home coming.

Attendance was the highest I’ve ever seen, I think the count was around 80 planes, 69 of which canards.

Worthy of notice is the fact that Terry Lamp, the builder who’s plane I am now flying, was in attendance, and it was awesome being able to reunite the two of them after a 9 year separation. 

Terry and I got to talk shop, compare notes, and go flying together. It was truly a fantastic time, highlighted by some of the best weather in weeks.

Terry's flight

I said in the past I wanted to give builders rides whenever I’d fly to Rough River, and I was able to keep my promise by taking Mike Beasley, Terry Lamp, and Wade Parton flying. Ary Glantz was unfortunately not in attendance, or it would have likely been my next “victim”.

The trip back (185 kts GS) was as incredible as the trip over (175 kts GS),  we flew at 11'500 ft and 2500 rpm, and got 6.5 gph. 

Terry has built an awesome airplane, and I can only hope that my airplane will prove to be as good as his.

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