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Monday, August 29, 2016

Wade's first flight in my Long EZ

While I have not posted recently, I have not been completely idle either. I am nearly done with the right longeron repair, and have made a lot of progress on the heated Pitot tube. More on these in the next few posts. 

Today I wanted to update you on my flying activity with N977JT.

One of my biggest surprises came from the insurance company, when they required 10 hours of solo time before I could carry any passengers. Now, I usually log ten hours of flying time in just one day at work, so it really didn't sound like much initially, but it actually took forever to complete them, in part due to the terrible heat wave we have had in the past two months.

With the hours finally checked off, my first order of business became to rectify a terrible wrong. There was still one builder out there who had worked tirelessly for the past 6 years building his Long EZ, and had never even been in one, let alone fly in it.

I am talking about my buddy Wade...

Wade and me afterward

It was with immense pleasure that I was able to finally get Wade in the air on his first Long EZ flight. He will also forever be my first Long EZ passenger.

Wade was able to get a few shots of our departure and put them together in a short video I will repost here...

We spent a good hour and a half having a great time, and he got to fly it from the back seat to his heart's content. He truly loved it, and the flight confirmed to him he had made the right choice of airplane.

"Wade... I love you Man!"

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