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Friday, June 05, 2015

Nose and nose gear - part 24

Glassing the nose bottom and sides (4.6 hrs)

After one additional dry-micro filling/sanding cycle, I felt comfortable enough about surface smoothness and profile to prep for fiberglassing.

Since I’d be glassing only the bottom half of the forward nose cone, I used duct tape as release agent preventing the BID from attaching to the foam in unwanted areas, and also creating a straight high contrast “cut line” in order to remove the excess fiberglass later.

Duct tape protecting the "no-glass" zone

I really wanted to work on left and right sides separately to make it easier on me, but I decided instead to try to fit the whole nose under one single piece of BID. So, I did both sides at once, even though in the end I didn't quite make it with one piece.

Entire nose slurried

Flox corners filled

Nearly anything goes here, as the manual puts it: “Glass the nose with two plies of BID lapping 1” over SC, the fuselage sides, and bottom. This glassing job is easy if you use several pieces and overlap them… fiber orientation is optional”.

Trying to cover the whole nose in one shot

Laying the second ply (note the considerable unfortunate BID waste)

Both sides needed an additional small triangle of BID to complete coverage

This job is done. Now it's time for the epoxy to go to work.

I sliced the BID over the SC hole, and wrapped it over the SC edges where there was less than 1" overlap.

The dark duck tape "cut-line" is barely visible under the glass

The next morning (2 am), I got up and caught the fiberglass before it got  really hard. I used a razor knife to knife trim all the excess, then went back to bed. I spent the rest of the day trimming and sanding.

Nose finished

Head-on shot

I think she turned out nice

I also reinstalled the nose gear, and made sure there were no new interferences after the latest glassing event.

Cycling gear and speed brake

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