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Saturday, April 11, 2015

CNC mill conversion - part 24

Digital Read Out (DRO) warning!

I no longer use capacitance type DROs on my mill!


Look at the latest installment of "CNC for dummies" video (below) to find out the reason. 

Be forewarned, it is a bit long, but it will take you through the process that changed my opinion on these type of DROs.

CNC for dummies #8 

Later, I found a blog explaining what is going on with these DROs, and three ways to improve them.

In the end, I did receive a refund from Grizzly (minus shipping), but it took quite a bit of coordination to see it through since the items were no longer in the original boxes, and were partially modified for mounting purposes. Throughout this ordeal, they remained always very professional, and courteous. 

The guys at iGauging were equally great to deal with. Though they seemed puzzled by the problem, they seemed genuinely concerned, and were prepared to do anything possible to help.

These two companies are great examples of excellent customer service, and willingness to stand behind their products, which have been good to outstanding on the whole.

I will definitely buy from them again in the future.

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