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Thursday, December 18, 2014

CNC mill conversion - part 20

A few more improvements

I decided to try something different with the Y axis motor cover.

One of the two temporary supports

After the angles were immobilized, I spliced in a thin strip of aluminum, welded it on both sides…

This was actually a later weld, but it's in the same spot.

… then used the grinder to make it smooth.

Going for a different look with this one

After welding the two skirts on, I tried it on for fit…

Left skirt

Other side, of course.

… added 4 bolts, and done!

Fully protected motors

The next order of the day was to regain some Y travel lost after the DRO (Digital Read Out) installation. This involved grinding off some of the column support. Normally, I wouldn’t even consider doing such a thing, but given the extra support from the aluminum U channel I had added in the back, I felt confident any loss of strength would be negligible.

Some of the column support was ground off

Now the table hits the end of its travel before the DRO sender (blue box) crashes into the column

This mod enabled me to reclaim 0.5” (1.3 cm) of travel, which given the shortness of the Y axis is, makes for a whopping 13% improvement.

To get another 2" (5 cm) of travel in the X minus direction, I shortened the height of the mill’s table left end plate, which acted as a travel stop. This mod allowed the table to travel unimpeded past the old limit point. Actually, I will have to be careful in the future, since I could run the table right off its support.

I also milled a slot in the end plate, so that flood coolant and metal chips will be able to drain and collect through a basin.

Cutting the slot

Reduced height plate with slot

Slot will aid in coolant and chip evacuation. Table well past its original travel limit.

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