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Friday, November 14, 2014

Brake/Rudder pedals - part 9

Longer pedal bases (4.0 hrs)

With the pedal brackets 1” (2.5 cm) longer, the plywood base with its steel insert no longer fit, and had to be made all over again (of course).

After welding the K1000-3 nuts to the steel flanges, I drilled a few of holes in them in order to remove some metal, and give the flox something to grab on to. 

I reused my old Saran wrap trick to keep the flox out of the threads.

New flange with nuts welded to it

Saran wrap twisted into the nuts' threads to keep the flox out

I mixed some quick drying West System flox, and filled the plywood cavity, then I pressed the steel flanges into them, and removed the excess flox. 

Flox filling the bottom of the plywood base

Flange being pushed in place

To save time, I "baked" them for maybe 20 minutes at 140℉ in my home made oven, then removed the Saran wrap, and sanded the bottoms flat.

Excess flox removed while wet, and bases drying up in my cardboard oven.

Saran wrap being removed

The whole bottom of the base got a good sanding

So, here are the once again completed pedals…

Reengineered pedals attached to reengineered bases

Hoping I can now live with these two

The next step will be finding a proper position for the pedal assemblies in the nose of the plane, and the testing has already started. 

Finding a place for the pedals

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