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Monday, December 16, 2013

“Tooling up” - Sanding implements

Perma-Grit hand tools

I wanted to take a moment to share with you a new set of tools I have just purchased from Aircraft Spruce (item 12-00056), and that have already proven themselves to be a quantum leap better than anything else I have been using up to this point, except perhaps my huge home made sanding block.

The coarse Perma-Grit sanding system

In retrospect, I should have paid more attention when my friend Wade (LongEZpush.com) told me these were the best sanding tool he had ever owned. It’s just that, when he mentioned the price ($75), my brain went into an automatic memory dump/clear all cache mode, and I relegated them past the “nice to have” category, well into the luxury category.

The item description mentions that: “Perma-Grit Tools are made of Tungsten Carbide Grit, one of the hardest elements available, second only to diamonds. They are specifically designed and developed for aircraft builders, woodworkers, and modelers. These tools will cut, sand and shape tough composite materials, saving homebuilders hours of building time. Ideal for fuselage shaping and wing building, these tools are highly recommended by several kitplane manufacturers. Available in coarse (180) & fine (320) grit”.

I did get the coarse type, and so far I have used them to file down the landing gear bow. That meant sanding through a few inches thickness of coarse fiberglass, and I have to say I am impressed at how quickly they ate through it, and how durable they are.

If you have the need, and the means, definitely add them to your Christmas shopping list.

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