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Friday, December 13, 2013

CNC for dummies

Video series 
Against my better judgement, I decided to videotape a small series on what it took to get the CNC mill cutting correctly in the XY plane. 

I have to admit that I suck at making videos, so "you get what you paid for". Still, I hope you might find something interesting, or even useful contained herein.

This series is not meant to be a tutorial on how to build and troubleshoot a CNC machine, rather it is an account of the challenging, and rewarding journey I embarked on, when I decided to bring this complicated piece of equipment to life.

A few end-mills have been harmed in the making of these videos, parental discretion is advised.


Do not view these videos while driving or operating heavy equipment as they might induce mental confusion and/or sleep. A few instances of sudden boredom have been reported.

The endless rant

The software

One last test before cutting

An unexpected issue derails my plan

A big problem threatens the viability of the CNC concept

Recovering from disaster

The elusive taste of success, at last!

So, here's the finished bracket...

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