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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ch 17 - Pitch & roll trim - part 1

Roll trim components (4.1 hrs)

I’m getting a little out of sequence here, but I had promised my friend Wade I’d be making him two of the roll trim components.

The process was pretty straight forward, if not for the fact that I had to work with 0.049” (1.25 mm) thick 4130 steel, instead of  the usual aluminum.

Reproducing the patterns

Patterns glued to the steel plate

Drilling the holes

All holes drilled

Trimming  the excess steel

Roughing out the shape with the band saw

Milling the slot

All major features completed

Duplicating the small bracket

With the matching oles drilled, the parts were secured, machining blue applied, and the outline scribed.

Outline scribed onto the machining blue

Major parts finished

Bending the bracket on the press

V block providing for the 90˚ 

Bent bracket

Parts completed and in place

Aileron trim brackets in position on the plans

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